An information memorandum is the sales document you give an interested buyer when you’re trying to sell your business. In this episode we explain the mandatory sections of an information memorandum document and how to use them to persuade the right type of buyer to see the value in your business.

In this episode we discuss the psychology behind the successful sale of a business. Find out why it’s so important to understand your potential buyer. Learn why you should make your information memorandum with your ideal buyer in mind.

Classic mistakes to easily avoid! Trevor gets frustrated as this seller makes little effort to prepare their business for sale. The good news is that Trevor was the business valuer working for the buyer. Listen to find out what annoyed Trevor the most and what could have made the business worth more.

What is a business worth? Who will buy your business and what will they pay? That depends…who are they and what do you have that they need? Is it your profitability or do you have strategic value to someone else? In this podcast we discuss business valuation methods in different circumstances. We discuss discounted cashflow, net present value, future maintainable earnings and why not to rely on benchmarks.

In this podcast we go through the 9 key system areas that need to be sorted out before you try to sell your business. Having highlighted the critical need for great systems to be in the business, not only for selling it, but also to gain the best benefit whilst you are in it, we now share here the key steps to consider and how to go about creating “documented” systems for your business. Keeping it simple is important to make them effective so we talk through the 9 simple clues to put your systems in place.

Systems reduce risk and increase business value…it’s that simple. Find out why systems are so important for a buyer. It is so much easier, less risky and therefore a much more valuable proposition for a potential buyer to invest in a business with good systems in place…but what does that mean? What are systems, why do they affect the valuation of your business? In this podcast we look at some of the myths around the word “systems” and what it all means to selling or buying a business.

See an example of how to multiply the value of your business by 7 times, just by finding the best buyer and being prepared. We discuss what business value arbitrage is and why it is so important if you want a better price for your business. Learn how to change the rules of business valuation through pre-positioning and targeting relevant buyers or investors. We will extend the previous podcasts example and make some adjustments to demonstrate the impact these things can have on your potential business value. Download the Business Valuation Worksheet here

In this episode we discuss how to work out the value of a business. We introduce some basic valuation concepts to help you understand what is involved in presenting your business as a valuable asset to either a buyer or an investor should you be looking to raise capital to grow the business. We run through a basic example and start to cut through some of the jargon to make it understandable. Download the Business Valuation Worksheet here.

Learn how to sell your business. In this podcast Trevor and Clive discuss an overview of what it takes to sell a business. As the introduction to this series of podcasts, we will introduce ourselves, and share with you what this program is all about, and highlight some things to consider especially around business valuation generalisations and exit strategies. We will ask you some thought provoking questions that many have not thought about before. We will get you thinking about your goals and desires for your business and what it might be worth. We also mention our information memorandum template.