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How to Prepare your Small Business for Sale

Special Event 25th June 8am-12pm, Harbourview Newcastle

Do You Hope to Sell Your Business One Day and Cash In?
Most people do, but they don’t know where to start and sadly, they never do anything about it! Those same people complain that “their business is different” and “that’s not how it works in my industry”. They also talk about the “lucky ones” that find a buyer by some kind of miraculous coincidence, like they fell out of the sky. It’s time to set the record straight. Are you planning for your business to fund your retirement and need to sell it for the best price?  You might just want to be more attractive to potential investors. You may not be wanting to sell it yet, but you might look for capital injections, or financial partners at some stage and that is not the time to be thinking “I wish I was ready to promote the opportunity better”.

We value and improve businesses for a living and you will be shocked when we show you the process that we go through when we’re advising a client that’s looking at buying a particular business. Despite what you think, it has little to do with the profit and it has nothing to do with recent business sales in your industry. It’s all about strategy.

Workshop Contents

  • Top 10 mistakes made by people trying to sell their business
  • What makes any business worth something to someone else
  • How to know what critical things need improvement
  • How to value your own business
  • Who might buy your business
  • How to make your business attractive
  • How to package your business for sale
  • How to multiply the value by finding a strategic buyer
  • What systems and procedures do you need to show a buyer
  • Q&A Forum – ask any question
  • Bonus Optional Session 1pm-2pm “How to use Systems to De-Risk your Business”
  • Bonus Optional Session 2pm-3pm “Business Valuation Case Study”

When: 8am-12pm, Monday 25th June 2012 (plus 2 free bonus sessions between 1pm and 3pm)
Where: Harbourview Function room, Wharf Road, Newcastle
Booking: Tickets $79 – Book Tickets Online Here – RSVP by 15th June 2012

Who Are The Presenters?

Trevor Monaghan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia with over 10 years experience advising businesses around Australia in areas such as business cashflow, strategic planning, business valuations, financial analysis, budgeting, marketing, sales, accounting and taxation.
Trevor is the owner of Climax Business Strategies, a chartered accounting firm based in Newcastle Australia servicing businesses in all industries and areas around Australia. Trevor has a passion for helping small and medium businesses to get to the next level by creating effective business models through innovative strategic planning and budgeting. He works with business owners regularly to compare their results against the business and personal targets so that the positive momentum is kept at all times. Trevor has a passion for business valuations.

Clive Jones is a serial entrepreneur himself under the name of Jonesci Pty Limited and is a licensed Business Coach with ActionCOACH. Clive has personally studied under multi-millionaire Business Entrepreneur Brad Sugars as a Business Coach, Seminar Presenter and Business Trainer for over 6 years. His wide range of experience includes Sales & Marketing, Business Management, Accounting, Systemisation, Troubleshooting, Team Building, Project Management, Cost Reduction and Planning. Clive has a real ability to see the big picture issues in your business whilst at the same time have an attention to detail for those small changes that add up to big success. Clive is passionate about educating others to get the most out of their businesses.