In this podcast series we don’t hold anything back about getting your business ready for sale. Listen in as we make fun of each other and try to impart our self-proclaimed wisdom.

Sellmybusinessin10weeks.com is a joint venture of two experienced business professionals coming together sharing their secrets and explaining the myths around preparing your business for sale or takeover. The fact is that most business owners fail to build an asset that’s attractive enough for someone to want to buy at a premium. And the sad reality is that they either close down their business or go to a business broker to list the business for sale. But your business is not a house! It’s the intangible (often invisible) things that get you a premium, but you need to understand how to uncover and develop these valuable traits then find a strategic buyer willing to pay the premium. Sounds complicated? It isn’t if you know where to start.

Who Are We?

Trevor Monaghan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia with over 10 years experience advising businesses around Australia in areas such as business cashflow, strategic planning, business valuations, financial analysis, budgeting, marketing, sales, accounting and taxation.
Trevor is the owner of Climax Business Strategies, a chartered accounting firm based in Newcastle Australia servicing businesses in all industries and areas around Australia. Trevor has a passion for helping small and medium businesses to get to the next level by creating effective business models through innovative strategic planning and budgeting. He works with business owners regularly to compare their results against the business and personal targets so that the positive momentum is kept at all times. Trevor has a passion for business valuations.

Clive Jones is a serial entrepreneur himself under the name of Jonesci Pty Limited. Clive has personally studied under multi-millionaire Business Entrepreneur Brad Sugars as a Business Coach, Seminar Presenter and Business Trainer for over 6 years. His wide range of experience includes Sales & Marketing, Business Management, Accounting, Systemisation, Troubleshooting, Team Building, Project Management, Cost Reduction and Planning. Clive has a real ability to see the big picture issues in your business whilst at the same time have an attention to detail for those small changes that add up to big success. Clive is passionate about educating others to get the most out of their businesses.